Домой Дом ASMSP Platform Features

ASMSP Platform Features


The task of any business is to effectively spend the money intended for advertising. And this will help the SMS portal. After all, the cost of each SMS will be minimal. Today, there is no need to involve programmers and configure hardware and software. You can use the server with the installed program as an SMS gateway. SMS gateway software is a great opportunity to optimize a whole range of processes.

So, you have access to:

— Up to 10 thousand messages per second and up to 1 billion messages per month.

— Fine-tune traffic routes based on delivery speed, average quality, and restrictions

— Optimal cost for any given level of quality and fast delivery

— Real-time alerts about traffic rates or currency appreciation.

The functionality of the SMS gateway allows and ensures optimal work with clients and colleagues, because:

— This is the most reliable way to inform customers. People very often check the information on their mobile phones in their email. SMS messages do not go unnoticed-such messages are received less often, and are considered more important than notifications on mail, messages, and social networks. And most importantly-the reception of SMS messages is 100% supported by mobile phones.

— Newsletters, emails, and messenger messages are less trusted than SMS messages. By sending an SMS message, you can be sure that it will be delivered and read.

«It’s easy. There is no need for any additional knowledge in the field of IT, you are provided with a simple and intuitive service with a user-friendly interface. You just need to increase your balance on the site; upload relevant data for your customers; select a task.

— Mobile SMS solutions are relatively cheap. You can decide for yourself what budget you want to spend. Every penny will be spent on sending messages to customers.

— you are offered an automated service. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on this, just define a specific task.

The software really saves time. You are offered mobile solutions that are focused not only on the end user. You can really improve your company’s performance.



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