Домой Отношения Real followers on Instagram

Real followers on Instagram


Social networks have long and fairly firmly entered our lives. There will probably be few people who do not have an account in a particular social network. The most popular social network to date is Instagram.

There are several different methods for promoting a blog on Instagram. One of the most popular is the wrapping method. Today you can wind up the number of likes, subscribers, views and other options for the activity of the audience of a blog. Of all the markups, the most effective has always been and is currently the markup of subscribers. This is due to the fact that it is the subscribers, or rather their number, that serve as an indicator of the popularity and relevance of the blog. In addition, the price of advertising in a particular blog depends on the number of subscribers, because the more people subscribe to an account, the higher the cost, as the percentage of potential buyers of the advertised product / service will be higher.

However, referring to the service that provides buy instagram followers follower cheat services, you should ask what kind of subscribers he can cheat on you. There are two types: bots (robots) and real subscribers.

Naturally, the price for real subscribers is much higher than for the promotion of bots. And there is a logical explanation for this. Bots are specially created to represent page activity on which there are no publications. Real subscribers are real Instagram users, whose pages are full, they have photos and other activity. Tact subscribers can really be interested in your product or service that you offer.

The category of real subscribers should also include users who can perform all the necessary actions for you for money. But such subscribers, despite the presence of all the attributes of a real user on their pages, for the most part will not show any activity in the form of likes or comments on the blog page.

It is logical that the cheat of real subscribers is more in demand. This is largely due to the fact that cheating bots can lead to account blocking, especially in the case of illiterate and massive such cheating. In addition, the Instagram administration calculates the pages of bots and blocks them, respectively, the number of such subscribers on the blog page is reduced.

However, there are some situations where the promotion of bots can help in promoting the blog. In particular, this applies to a freshly created account. Since ordinary users do not like to subscribe to empty accounts


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